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How Long Can Gel Pens Be Stored?

A lot of teeth whitening technicians asks, "How long can I store my peroxide gel pens?" The quick answer is 90 days.

As with every teeth whitening products, the longer it is being stored, the lesser it's potency will be. Here is a common phrase to hear, "if you store it right it will lengthen the time before it expires"... although this is somewhat true, we strongly suggest to only store yours within 90 days and that it is better to use them as soon as you can. You would want the best products to use for your customers so make sure you use the newest peroxide gel pen kits.

You will clearly want to achieve the maximum results of the gel pens and you want your customers to see them too! The whiter their teeth can get, the more people will recognize you. The best case scenario is that your past customers will refer other people to you.

So how do you store it? Make sure to put your gel pens in and cool and dry place. Yes, a cool and dry place. Do not put it in a refrigerator as it may freeze its contents or make it moist. The perfect place is a cabinet that is not directly in contact with the sun or any hot surfaces.

So make sure that you use the best gel pens every time you have a teeth whitening session and we strongly tell that you will achieve business success.

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