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Are Peroxide Gel Pens Safe?

It is not uncommon for one to wish for the perfect smile. After all, a beautiful smile is a confidence booster and encourages others to smile. Purposeful smiling inspires happiness and joy. When your smile shows off your shiny white teeth, it is memorable for others as well.

There are many ways and products to whiten your teeth. But the basis off all teeth whitening product is the peroxide content it has which has the power to bleach and whiten teeth.

But the question is, are teeth whitening gel pens safe?

Generally speaking, teeth whitening gel pens are safe for you. The only thing that needs to be addressed is what your dentist suggests you do. Teeth whitening works on all natural teeth, as it whitens natural tooth enamel. It does not work on veneers and will not damage gold teeth or caps. It should not be used on people with braces! People with certain medical conditions may not received desired results.

With these in mind, you may also feel a sting when administering the gel pen to your teeth. The reason for this is that not all people have the same sensitivity on their mouth. Another factor that may affect it is if there is a gum line protector that was applied beforehand. If a gum line protector is applied correctly, the stinging will be lessened or won't even occur. All of which can be easily done by your dentist or technician in an in-office session.

As for our products, we assure you that each are individually checked and approved by the FDA and we are happy to tell you that we pass every time. Our gel pens and all of our teeth whitening products are of international standards and we make sure to do this on every single package we send to you as our customers.

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